Building our Brakhas: Uncovering the Fundamentals of Prayerbook Hebrew

“When I pray, I know Hashem understands me - but I wanna understand myself”

If you have ever thought or felt something like this, and wanna go deeper in your prayer journey by unlocking the fundamentals of prayerbook Hebrew, this is the class for you. Come join queer Jewish superstar brin solomon, as it guides you through the basics of nouns, pronouns, prefixes, suffixes, verbs, and more that you’ll find in the siddur as you connect with the divine, all with the aim to empower you to strengthen that connection with deeper understanding.

brin, who has written its own siddur (!!), in its first EVER Shel Maala class, will take it slow and steady over three Wednesdays - March 13, 20, 27 - to give you the grammar tools to not only understand the prayers we’ll go over in class, but also all the other prayers you’ll come across. If you’re new to davvening, new to prayerbook Hebrew, or simply want a refresher so you can more deeply connect to the words you say, this is the class for you.

Open to learners of all levels, all you need to know is your alef bet. If you want help learning that, we’ve got resources for you! This class will be live captioned and fairied by Rosh Yeshivas Xava de Cordova and Binya Kóatz.


Three Wednesdays

March 13 -> March 27

8-9:30pm ET/5-6:30pm PT


Accessibility notes:

- Live captioning

- 5-10 minute break

- Recordings available

- Slides & materials sent out before class


This is a text study class, where we will be learning nitty-gritty grammar in an accessible way, connected to prayers that people say every day. We’re not doing SVARA-method study, but knowing your alef-bet (Hebrew alphabet) is a prerequisite and will be critical to navigating the discussions of this class. If you would like to learn your alef-bet for this class, we can help you do so.


Learning will be a mix of full group study and lecture-style learning. There is no Xevruta for this class.

More info and instruction will be sent after registration.


This class is $36/class ($108 total), NOTAFLOF. Full sliding scale will be shown at checkout.


If you have any questions please email: