Heeling Our Soles: The Torah of Feet

In a famous story in the Talmud, Hillel the Elder gets challenged to teach a convert the entire Torah “on one foot.” Though that passage gets quoted often, people mostly miss its main character - feet!*

Join Shel Maala for a special, one-time class on The Torah of Feet, taught by the illustrious Lex Rofeberg of Judaism Unbound. For an hour and a half, Lex will take us from priestly toe rituals, to holy foot-travel, to heel-grabbing patriarchs and beyond, with a keen eye towards what one body part can teach us about our tradition as a whole.

Let’s dive into Lex’s favorite Feet Picks from the Toe-rah together – get ready for puns galore, and radically irreverent study. Texts in Hebrew and English with translation. NO ALEFBET REQUIRED. Open to learners of all levels. This class will be live captioned and fairied by Rosh Yeshiva Xava de Cordova.

*This passage is often translated as the convert asking Hillel to teach him the whole Torah "while standing on one foot." But the word "on" can also be translated "about" -- meaning the convert is challenging Hillel to teach him “all the Torah there is to teach about a foot*.*” This class is an answer to that challenge!

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Thursday May 9

8-9:30pm ET/5-6:30pm PT


Accessibility notes:

- Live captioning

- 5-10 minute break

- Recording available after class

- Slides & materials sent out before class

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This class will be taught using texts in Hebrew and English, with all Hebrew text translated for the learner. You do not need to know your Alef Bet for this course

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Learning will be mostly lecture with time for question/discussion. There is no Xevruta for this class.

More info and instruction will be sent after registration.

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This class is $36, NOTAFLOF. Full sliding scale will be shown at checkout.

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I f you have any questions please email: shelmaalayeshiva@gmail.com