How to Be A Xevruta

Love, growth, power, nurturance, care, passion, fire. These are elements present and alive in any relationship - whether romantic, platonic, or in a Xevruta - the pair-based partnership at the core of Jewish text study.

Xevruta study is a central component of learning Torah and Talmud in the Rabbinic tradition. Our sages teach us that a pair joined in study for the sake of heaven brings down the presence of the Divine to the Earth. Xevrutas are also a countercultural relationship when contrasted to the stilted concept of "academic study" in the West. They are profoundly intimate partnerships, and being a good one requires many of the same skills as being a good romantic partner - how do you show up for your Xevruta; how do you grow with them; how do you bring your full self; how do you handle conflict; how do you repair when things have been broken?

Through the lens of an ancient Xevruta partnership, that doubles as a queer Rabbi-on-Rabbi romance, we'll answer all of these questions and more, and soak ourselves in study around the relationship at the core of Talmud learning!

This class will be recorded and available to enrolled students to watch later.

This class is not eligible for rabbinical school credit.

~~~ How to Be A Xevruta is a 3 session class with no prior Talmud experience required. All you need to know is your alef bet! We will pair you with a xevruta (or you can bring your own!) for the duration of the class. Classes are an hour and a half, with an optional guided hour of xevruta time before the second and third sessions.

$126 total, sliding scale. financial aid available!

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