Planting Cucumbers By Magic: or, How to Get Away with Jewish Witchcraft

🎵You have to believe we are magic, Nothing' can stand in our way🎵

Despite fierce prohibitions in Deuteronomy, the Talmud is full of Rabbis doing magic. From amulets to necromancy, magic was so important to the Rabbis that one had to be accomplished in sorcery to serve on the Sanhedrin court. In this four-week series, Olivia Devorah Tucker (“A Nightmare on Chelm Street,” “All Challahs Are Beautiful”), returns to Shel Maala with an ancient loophole for tapping into our Queer Jewish Magic!


This will be a XEVRUTA-STYLE talmud class! Xevruta means "friend" or "study-partner", and this means that you'll move through this class with a study-buddy <3 You can come with a paired xevruta, or we will pair you with one :)

Each class (including the first) will require about 1 hour of Xevruta prep beforehand! You can get that xevruta prep done in one of two ways:

1: We will provide a guided Xevruta time each week, in the hour before class (3-4 ET/12-1 PT, with a 10 minute optional break at the end). Olivia Devorah and one of the Shel Maala fairies (Binya & Xava) will be on hand to throw you and a Xevruta into a breakout room and answer any questions you may have.


2: You can study with your Xevruta any time during the week that works better for yall, and skip the pre-class sesh, then join us for the shiur at our normal time, from 4-6PM ET/1-3 PT!


$18/class = $72 total

Full Sliding scale - please pay more/less as able ! ($8/class, $36/class, etc.!)



Sundays April 24, May 1, 8, 15 @ 4-6PM ET/1-3 PT (optional guided xevruta hour before class, 3-4PM ET, 12-1PM PT)


All classes will be recorded and available only to people who have signed up.

All classes will be live captioned

There will be a break in between optional guided xevruta time + class.

There will be a break in the middle of class as well