Sacred Wiggles: The Somatics and Choreography of Prayer

As we pray, we shiver and shake. We bend, rock, stiffen, and fall. We step and wobble. The Jewish tradition sanctifies all these wiggles as holy. A prayer is not mere words, but a multimedia sensory experience, a fabulous musical theater number complete with music, lyrics, and choreography. As sung by biblical twink David Hamelech, “All my bones say to you, God, who is like you!” In this four week class (plus a bonus co-learning happy hour!) we will mine the wisdom of the sages past and present, to learn what these wiggles mean to them, and rock the beit midrash til we have the Torah singing a new queer song.

Shel Maala dream teacher Robin Banerji is back again with a four week course where we will learn key texts in our tradition about movement and prayer, and apply our learning to our Jewish practice and daily lives. Texts in Hebrew and English with translation. NO ALEFBET REQUIRED. Open to learners of all levels. This class will be live captioned and fairied by Rosh Yeshivas Xava de Cordova and Binya Kóatz.


Four Sundays

March 31 -> April 21

2-4pm ET/11am-1pm PT

PLUS: Bonus 1 hour co-learning session 2-3ET/11-12PT, April 28.
Totally optional, details wil be given during class


Accessibility notes:

- Live captioning

- 10 minute break

- Recordings available

- Slides & materials sent out before class


This class will be taught using texts in Hebrew and English, with all Hebrew text translated for the learner. You do not need to know your Alef Bet for this course


Learning will be a mix of full group and breakout room study. There is no Xevruta for this class.

More info and instruction will be sent after registration.


This class is $36/class ($144 total), NOTAFLOF. Full sliding scale will be shown at checkout.


If you have any questions please email: