Sand Into Pearls

Eli Ramer, acclaimed author of such seminal queer Jewish literature as Fragments of the Brooklyn Talmud and Queering the Text, is joining Shel Maala for a special, one-night-only class on midrash, the sacred Jewish art of story telling.

Maggid Eli is an ordained interfaith storyteller, and will guide you through the process of alchemizing painful, complicated text and turning it into sacred prophecy, straight from your own heart.

If you've ever been interested in Rabbinic midrash; found a Jewish text challenging but been unsatisfied by the idea of throwing it away; wanted to combine your passions for Judaism and writing/storytelling; read one of Eli's books; or just wanted to unlock your creative spirit in holy community, this evening will be for you!

Texts in Hebrew and English with translation. NO ALEFBET REQUIRED. Open to learners of all levels. This class will be an interactive learning and writing experience, live captioned and fairied by Rosh Yeshiva Xava de Cordova.

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The Torah is foundational part of our community, and it's also a challenging text. Rather than deleting the passages that trouble us we can use them as windows into understanding our history. In our time together we'ill be looking at two passages - the binding of Isaac and the verses that have justified homophobia and thus bi/trans-phobias in the Jewish and Christian worlds for centuries. Please think about verses that trouble you and bring them with you, as we'll have time to write, tinker, edit, revise them.


Wednesday Aug 21

7-9pm ET/4-6pm PT


Accessibility notes:

- Live captioning

- 5-10 minute break

- Recording available after class

- Slides & materials sent out before class

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This class will be taught using texts in Hebrew and English, with all Hebrew text translated for the learner. You do not need to know your Alef Bet for this course

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This class is $36, NOTAFLOF. Full sliding scale will be shown at checkout.

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If you have any questions please email: