Trans Girl Talmud 101

This February, join Binya Kóatz and Xava De Cordova - trans girl talmud teachers extraordinaire - for a month-long, xevruta style** beit midrash exploring Bava Metzia 84a, a.k.a. the trans feminine daf of the Talmud.

This will be an opportunity (the first in many generations) to learn about transgirls in the talmud from transgirls who love talmud!

We'll be learning 3 different sections of the daf, and aiming to come away with a working familiarity and closeness to trans femininity in Rabbinic characters and our tradition. This is a class for people of ALL GENDERS, and we welcome all our beloved sisters&brothers&siblings to learn with us.


The exact dates/times for the classes are:

Sunday 1/31 (opt.) - 4-5:30pm EST
Sunday 2/7 - 4-6pm EST
Sunday 2/14 - 4-6pm EST
Sunday 2/21 - 4-6pm EST
Sunday 2/28 - 4-6pm EST


Text will be studied in its original, un-vocalized form (we'll help you!!! it's AMAZING!!!), and each week you'll be given readings in translation from other parts of the daf to complement your learning.

** As part of the application process, you'll be paired with a xevruta, or study partner, for the 4 weeks of the course!

Each class will be 1 hr and 15 mins, plus an additional 45 minutes of optional prep time before class, where either Binya or Xava will be present. This totals 2 hours from 4-6pm EST, each Sunday in February.

We will also be holding an optional Svara Style Crash Course on Sunday 1/31, which will be required for anyone who hasn't studied in a Svara-style in a xevruta pair before. Attendance is optional for those who have ❤

The only requirement to attend this class is knowing your Alef-Bet. Please reach out to Xava & Binya if you do not know your Alef-Bet and would like to attend this class!

To apply, fill out this form!